Driving For Dollars The Old Way

If you’re here, you likely have heard about the concept of “Driving For Dollars”. Whether you’ve been doing it for years and have already made thousands (or hundreds of thousands) and want to continue and improve your system, or you’re about to set out on your first drive on the hunt for your next real estate investment property, you are in the right place.
In the old days, actually not even that long ago, the best and biggest real estate investors used to literally hop in their cars and drive slowly through promising
neighborhoods looking for distressed properties.

Someone would have to drive, while the passenger took out a highlighter and drew along the route that they were traveling on their 7-11 paper road map, then write down the address on their yellow notepad.

After, they would take their list and begin the daunting journey of researching owner information from their local county assessor website. What a nightmare!

And Then There’s Our Way

Turn Your Phone Into A Real Estate
Investing Weapon

It’s as easy as downloading our native iOS or Android app on to your phone, logging in and driving. Drop a pin on the best properties in your area with the simple press of a finger. No more driving slowly through neighborhoods, marking x on the map, and then sleuthing for hours trying to find the owner. Our information is all right there at your fingertips. Plus, we track where you’ve been so you’ll never miss a street again.


Manage Your Leads with our Best-in-Class Web Application

Once you’re done with your driving for dollars session, login to the web application, which automatically syncs with the data you captured in the field using your mobile device, where can easily manage all of your red hot leads. Find the most accurate and up to date owner information as our data covers 97% of all US residences. Manage all of your leads in one simple to use dashboard so you’ll never have to worry about missing a hot lead ever again.


Send Direct Mail or Skip Trace With
Drop Dead Ease

Yes, we know it’s about the money, but isn’t your time worth something too? You’ll be amazed at how easily you can send a postcard or letter with our easy to use direct mail engine all built right into the application. With the simple click of a button, you can send a postcard to the most targeted and qualified leads all managed and connected with the data you collected from your phone. It’s as easy as 3 clicks, and filling in the relevant information.  Want to call or text your leads?  No problem, use our powerful Owner Trace to find the home owners phone number, email address and much more.

And the best part…you don’t need a subscription to use our Direct Mail engine or our powerful Owner Tracing…

Just upload your leads list to get started!!

So How Does It Work?

Drop a Pin and Track Your Routes

Start by downloading the DriveBuy REI application to your phone. iOS or Android. Use your phone while you go on your next driving for dollars session. Make sure the application is running so that you can mark the houses you want to investigate. Drop a pin on the ones you’re interested in, and keep track of the routes you drive. All seamlessly with our built in GPS tracking.

Connect to DriveBuy REI & Manage Your Leads

Once you’re done, the data will be automatically uploaded to our
desktop version under your included and connected DriveBuy REI account. Your leads will be managed with our super simple CRM, where you can keep track of which ones you’ve
contacted and which ones you need to follow up with.

Send Direct Mail or Skip Trace Your Leads

Mail out custom postcards or letters to your prospective sellers with our easy to use point and click templates. You’ll be able to track seamlessly who you’ve contacted, and mail out dozens of prospective postcards each week.  Call or text once you get up to 5 phone numbers from our powerful skip tracing tool. Using our fool proof system, you’re sure to start closing deals within weeks.  


But Trust Us, Listen To What Some
Of These REI Pros Had To Say

“This has truly given me hundreds of hours of my time back and armed us with a deadly combination of finding opportunities first and minimizing the time required to be the first contact with the seller.”

Erik Stark

“Before I discovered Nate… driving for deals took forever!!! I LOVE this app!! It has cut the amount of work I do in half! Which means I can spend more time driving to find more deals because I don’t have to do all the tedious backend office work. The app does it all for me!”

  April Crossley

“It’s just so damn easy to use. Plus it even has better data than my local county appraiser site.”

  Jim LeVan

Start driving for deals like a pro!

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